Anne’s Artist Statement

I asked everyone to type up some words about our little video project. Here is the full text from Anne. Read other’s on our About page.

When I heard the words “I’m thinking of something kind of like… Brooklyn – meets – Bollywood” come out of Nick’s mouth, I immediately thought of hipsters.  Then I asked my brother for funny cliches about hipsters and he sent me this video-> “Being a Dickhead’s Cool.”

Now I am aware that I have some hipster tendencies myself, (Urban Outfitters definitely still has a lure on me :-x) but one thing that I’m very proud to proclaim I don’t have (which is only pertinent in extreme versions of hipster-itis) is this air of this proud sense of apathy. I get very upset when I’m surrounded by inconsiderate people, people that are more concerned about their appearance and staying “cool” than how they might be making another person feel.cialis Hardcore hipsters are just a really funny version of this to me… It is one of the reasons I dropped out of college to be completely honest. Too much hipster energy. I mean it’s one thing to “not give a f@*# what other people think!” but for pete’s sake, life is tough enough as it is,  why not try to share a little smile/empathy/connection for/with thy fellow man and stop worrying if your scarf is placed fashionably enough or if you have the latest iWhatever.

Being white in India, even Mumbai, invites a lot of stares in itself, so for a white person to walk around with an obnoxious attitude and an accessory as impractical as empty frame ray bands was just a hilarious image for me.

I also wanted to compare and contrast this with the character of Bollywood Boy. Both characters are obnoxious in their own ways and they find that after they get over themselves that they can develop a genuine connection and friendship with one another.

I’d like to start integrating more focus on deeper messages and inspiring content to my work. This video probably just seems like cartoony fun (I was trying to channel Pepe le Pew!) for most people but you might be able to see my attempt at showcasing a glimmer of “realness”/humanity.

As far as my team…. I have to send a million thank you’s to Nick, Shubhangi, and Yatharth. I thought it wouldn’t be for a couple more years that I would be having opportunities like working with an amazingly sweet, creative, intelligent, professional cameraWOman, having the most frickin’ awesome producer possible, and of course “the (Indian) male version” of me full of life & energy, absorbing all of my directions and suggestions- all 3 of which totally vibing with and testing all of my ideas! I had an amazing time with all of them (and Ashok!!!) and I can’t thank them enough for supporting and pushing me to put together a music video in a week and edit it in a month (maybe a little more….:-/) and having it come out pretty flippin’ awesome!!!! So much love<33333


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