Raw HD Footage (5-8)

Straight from Anne’s Canon 5D (and sometimes Shubhangi’s Canon 7D) come these 1080p raw videos. We thought we would share them, like an enhanced “Special Features” section on a DVD or Blu-ray.

(RAW CLIP) Workers in Dhobi Ghat Mumbai Bombay
All of these raw clips were mostly shot by Shubhangi (with Anne on her shoulder).

(RAW VIDEO) Chor Bazaar Statue Gag
Filmed near Mutton St.

(RAW VIDEO) First Look at Yatharth Sunrise
This was shot in the Fort neighborhood of downtown Mumbai. Specifically I think it was Ballad Pier. Beautiful light at 8:30am.

(RAW VIDEO) Yatharth Rooftop Taxi Ride