Shubhangi’s Artist Statement

I asked everyone to type up some words about our little video project. Here is the full text from Shubhangi. Read other’s on our About page.

One wild experiment, four loopy folks, four manic days, and a gazillion bewildered Indians on the streets later, Ladies and Gentlemen, we present to you this: Brooklyn to Bollywood.

Being used to shooting guerrilla (the documentaries teach fast), it was Nick who I first spoke with and who proposed the plan to me. I, obviously, really did not know what I was signing up for. And then by the time it did sink in, well, it was too late to retreat. Like we folks here would say, Teer kammaan se nikal gayi (the arrow had been released. The damage is done). Before Anne could say action, I was hooked, line, sinker, camera et al.

Needless to say, I have loved every portion of being a part of this eccentric project. Anne and Nick challenged me to keep pushing my boundaries and attempting to shoot in spaces that otherwise would require rolls of requisition papers that would go around in circles for days, sometimes even months among fat, boorish beaurocrats. Not to mention wads of greens shelled to even enter them (eg: dhobhi ghat), forget allowing Anne and Yatharth to go bonkers there. But we did each one of those places listed on our sheets, uncompromisingly. And honestly, my biggest achievements on this project would be:

  1. Not paying a dime to any party involved for using the streets or their space. (stall owners, authority, residents, ahem, cops). Hey, don’t call us ungrateful. We worked our charms to the extent our jaws hurt, thanked them profusely and scooted before they knew what hit them.
  2. I said a little prayer at the end of every day, for successfully not being responsible for the deportation, worse imprisonment of these valiant white folks(?), who by the way, stuck out like a sore thumb in every spot we stood at, sometimes even if we did nothing suspicious.

Sweet, sweet Victory. Well, enjoy the video folks. And try not to think of the sweat, some blood and a LOT of fun gone behind the product you see.


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