Raw HD Footage (9-12)

Straight from Anne’s Canon 5D (and sometimes Shubhangi’s Canon 7D) come these 1080p raw videos. We thought we would share them, like an enhanced “Special Features” section on a DVD or Blu-ray.

(RAW CLIP) Pop-out at Chowpatty Beach Shop
There are eight pop-outs in this music video. A pop-out is a quick 3-second shot where Anne rolls in, Yatharth pops up, and Anne quickly exits the scene.

(RAW CLIP) Gag Outside Taj Hotel
Note that when Yatharth runs up and throws his arms, he says “Pigeons!” LOL. Credit to Anne.

(RAW CLIP) Chai-wallah Making Tea
Filmed in the morning hours at Ballad Pier, Fort, Mumbai, India. I love chai so much. To share it with friends. To wake up in the morning. THIS IS TEA!!

(RAW CLIP) Taxi Pulling Away
These taxi cabs are iconic to Mumbai (Bombay). Small and cramped by Western standards. No air conditioning. But filled with love and dust.